It’s your first practice, or it’s been a while...

Where to drop off:

Recreational athletes are to be dropped directly into the care of coaches on deck, just outside the changing area. 

Coaches will greet athletes 12 years and under in the lobby a few minutes prior to the start of practice. Athletes 13 or older will either meet their team in the lobby or on the pool deck, as determined by their coach.

Please remember to arrive on time, wearing your suit and ready to start!

Where to pick up:

Athletes 12 and under must be picked up from the coach at the end of practice on the pool deck, or another agreed-upon location. Athletes 13 and older will be released from practice directly from the pool deck/facility.

What to bring to every practice:

- Bathing cap

- Nose clip

- Goggles

- One-piece swimsuit

- Elastics for hair

- Healthy snacks

- Water bottle

- Sneakers

- Clothing suited for stretching

- Any other gear outlined by your coach


- Flip-flops for pool deck and change areas

- Lock for locker in change room (Note: most athletes bring their pool bags directly onto the pool deck for the duration of practice.)

Atlantis Synchro and our facility partners are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

What do parents do during practice?

Grab a coffee, run some errands, read a book. Parents are also welcome to come to the pool deck to watch practices. Keep in mind, there is limited seating on deck, and the pool deck temperature can be very warm.  Please be mindful not to distract athletes while they are being coached during their session.


Please visit our FAQ page for more helpful information.

We look forward to seeing you pool side!