New to Synchro?

Thank you for your interest in this amazing sport!

Atlantis Synchro offers an ideal environment for young athletes to learn and grow. It provides for the development of a variety of physical, psychological, and social skills. While the focus of synchro is on the team component, through which athletes learn to be exemplary team players, athletes also train and compete individually in compulsory figures (technical components), and some choose to compete in solo and duet routines.

Synchro athletes practice self-motivation and independence. They develop a strong sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, healthy body image, team work, and time-management skills.

Synchro is deceptively hard work. To the casual observer, a synchronized swimmer glides effortlessly through the water, executing moves with ease and grace. But in fact, advanced synchronized swimmers possess a high level of aquatic ability and must be in excellent physical condition in order to maintain the semblance of grace.

Most importantly, synchro is fun. This is the key element in loving a sport and committing to an active and healthy lifestyle into adulthood.


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