How to get involved!

Atlantis Synchro is a volunteer-run club that owes its success to its amazing athletes, coaches, sponsors, and incredible volunteers. 

How can you help?  Volunteering is much easier than you think.


Parents/guardians can offer a world of support to the club by volunteering as little as 20 minutes of time during a competition. This work can be timed so that parents/guardians don’t miss their athlete’s events or so that they are on deck during them, which is all the closer to see.

Some specific jobs:

Runners stand on deck behind judging panels and collect a piece of paper from each judge after each routine, walking them over to the scorer table.

Scorers sit poolside and add numbers from each judge, using a calculator. They work in teams of three to confirm each others’ calculations.

Timers — again, in teams — use stopwatches to time walk-ons and routines, or laps during testing.

Announcers sit on deck and read competition information from a provided script.

Music techs play provided routine music during competitions.

No experience is necessary for these roles. The competition referee and experienced volunteers provide instruction and guide volunteers though the process. A small amount of a parent/guardian’s time can have a huge impact on making our events a success.


Prefer something a little more behind the scenes? The ASSC board is always looking for assistance. Help ranges from sitting on our executive, to being part of a committee, to sharing ideas and resources.

You need zero experience to lend a hand. Atlantis’s board is made up of parents/guardians just like you, whose simple goal is to help the club have every success, not only on the podium, but enriching the lives of the amazing athletes who are part of it.


The club offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities. For more information about sponsorship please contact our treasurer for more information.