Registration Is Now Open!

How To Register

Step 1 - Choose A Program

Identify which program your child should join by using the program descriptions and the flow chart provided. If you are unsure of which program your child should join, contact our registrar at for advice.

Step 2 - Some Light Reading

Visit our *Member Resource page* to learn more about what goes into supporting a Synchro Athlete. Familiarize yourself and your child with the *ASSC Handbook* , *Athlete Code of Conduct*,* Parent Code of Conduct*, *Program Fees*, and the* ASSC Policies and Guidelines*. It is important to have an understanding of the commitments required to join each team, as they are all slightly different.

Step 3 - Fill Out The Documentation


Fill out our *Registration form* and send it in. Download and print off the *insert appropriate forms* to fill them out. Please ensure all forms are signed and dated before being sent in.


Step 4 - Scan And Send

 Scan or photograph the documentation and  send the registration forms; completed and signed to our Registrar at

Step 5 - Payment & Confirmation

 *Payment Options* You should receive a reply within a few days confirming that we received your email. Please not that all programs are subject to the required number of participants and may be unavailable due to enrolment. In this circumstance, you will be offered an alternative program that is suitable to your child's needs. All athlete placements, as well as extra routine invites are at the discretion of the ASSC Coaching Staff. 

My First Practice

Arrive on deck, five minutes before practice begins with your full piece swim suits and goggles. You will receive a complimentary cap and nose clip for joining our club. At your first practice, you will be evaluated by the ASSC coaching staff to ensure the program is a good fit for you. If the program is not suitable to your skill level or needs, the ASSC staff will suggest an alternative to you.