How To Get Involved

Synchro would not be possible without the support of our parents. Here is how you can get involved and make a difference!


Board of Directors:

Join the ASSC Board or Synchro Nova Scotia Board


ASSC Events:

Help with organization of Local Meets, Watershow Receptions, the ASSC Awards Banquet and more!


On Deck:

Take any offered Intro to Synchro or Judging Courses offered through Synchro Nova Scotia.


Out of the pool:

Without swimmers, there is no sport! If you know anybody interested in giving synchro a try, send them to our website for more information.

A Drug Free Sport

It is known that illegal drug and alcohol use while competing in sport is unacceptable, but did you know that some of the medicine you take on a daily basis could also result in disqualification or expulsion?


Some milder steroids can be found in over the counter drugs and perception drugs that can test positive on a drug test for performance enhancing drug use. You may not be using these drugs for performance enhancement; you may not have been aware that the drugs you were taking had performance enhancers in them. This is why it is very important to check the list from the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) before taking any kind of medicine. WADA is a website updated yearly with new drugs that contain performance enhancers. This is a reliable and safe way for athletes to be sure they are taking the right medicine and receiving the correct information. If you are taking any sort of medications, you are advised to consult the WADA site to ensure it is not on the WADA Prohibited List. Consequences are, you or your team may be disqualified due to drug use by an athlete or expulsion depending on the degree and number of offences. If you take a medication that is required, such as an inhaler for asthma, you will need to get a prescription from a health care provider, available to be shown at any drug test. This will ensure the athlete goes unpenalized. 

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Coming soon our parent page...

- Concussion & sport injury information

- How to gel hair

- How to decorate suits

- Synchro NS General Information Handbook

- FAQ's

- And More!


Nutrition Information



Synchronized swimming is a great way to stay fit and have fun, but something we forget or simply do not notice, is how much we sweat while we are in the water.  It is very important to keep your athlete well hydrated, so you should always pack a full water bottle in your swimmer's bag to bring to practice. Sports drinks are also a good source of proper hydration to use during training and has the added benefit of restoring electrolytes upon consumption.



Recommended Snacks Foods


It is important to fuel your athlete properly for each practice, so remember to eat a good meal before coming and pack a healthy snack in their bag. The snacks below are great snack ideas that require no heating or cooking and are perfect for re-filling your athlete's energy stores. 


• Granola Bar

• Trail Mix

• Drinkable yogurt or chocolate milk

• Fresh Fruit 

• Cheese & Crackers

• Veggies & Dip 

• Hummus & Pita